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Our Dental Aesthetic Treatments

Zirconium Tooth

Especially zirconium tooth coating method which is applied by people who take care of oral and dental aesthetics and personal care is one of the methods applied when teeth whitening cannot be achieved.

What is Zirconium Tooth Coating?
Dentists also recommend more aesthetic treatment methods for patients who need more aesthetic and better smile in dental visualization. Therefore, because of such aesthetic needs, zirconium substructure treatments, which is a more aesthetic approach in dentistry, are on the agenda. Zirconium is a white substance that is used in dental production. It is converted into zirconia ceramic instead of pure mineral state and processed in special ovens. Zirconium tooth coating is a coating without metal support. And with this feature, they offer a much more natural look than metal-supported coatings.

Advantages of Zirconium Tooth Coating
Recently, a very popular zirconium coating is used by many people who are uncomfortable with the darkening color and poor aesthetics of their teeth. Some of the advantages of zirconium tooth coating, which is the definitive solution for those who have tried many teeth whitening methods but have not succeeded, are as follows:

Zirconium coatings are more light permeable than metal coatings. Therefore, it does not create a dark color in the gums. Black metal reflection from the edge of the gums is more common in metal coatings.

The zirconium teeth, which can pass through the light, are lost in the matte appearance and the teeth are closer to their original state. This provides a healthier, transparent and natural look.

Zirconium coating is also important for gum health. Because zirconium dental veneers, which are more compatible with gums, have less chance of gum disease than metal-supported tooth veneers.

Zirconium tooth coating is an ideal application for people who are white and are allergic to metals.
Thanks to its light transmission, the matte image disappears and provides a more natural look.
Zirconium tooth coating is not experienced in people with hot and cold sensitivity.
Metal coating is more robust than the teeth.
It is a type of coating that many people prefer because of its natural appearance.
Minimizes staining caused by smoking, tea and coffee
Does not cause bad breath and taste changes in the mouth
Does not cause gum problems

What is Zirconium Dental Used for?
Today, besides oral and dental health, subjects such as oral appearance and aesthetics, smile aesthetics are among the subjects that people care about. Yellowed or darkened tooth colors disturb many people. And these people prefer zirconium tooth coating because they have not been successful enough after trying many methods to get rid of this situation. In addition, the application areas are as follows;
Zikonium coating is mostly used for aesthetic purposes Used for advanced coloration situations where tooth whitening methods do not produce the desired result
Hereditary structure is used in the treatment of coloration conditions
Used in orthodontic, discrete and pointed teeth such as diestema where orthodontic treatment is not preferred
Discolored old filled teeth
Restoration of teeth with excessive substance supply
It is used as covering and bridging in the rear group teeth and in providing smile aesthetics in the front group teeth.

Zirconium Coating Application
In zirconium tooth coating application, the tooth is reduced to a small extent and when the gum becomes healthy, a very sensitive measure is taken from the tooth with the help of special impression materials and suitable spoons. Then, after the zirconium substructure is prepared in the laboratory, the porcelain superstructure is processed on it. And these structures are adapted to the tooth in the clinical setting. Finally, it is adapted to the tooth by means of special adhesives.

Cutting during the application is performed under local anesthesia. After this process, a temporary tooth-colored coating is applied, thus avoiding hot and cold sensitivity. Slight tingling may be seen in very few of the patients who have a zirconium coating. All these procedures are completed in 1 week in patients with gingival problems. Several rehearsals can be added to this process to ensure full satisfaction of the patients.

Lamina Tooth

It is an aesthetic-looking tooth that is produced on the front surface of any tooth without metal support and applied to our doctors. With holes in the tooth enamel, the tooth enamel is worn out, change colors over time that is applied to people who have suffered a great laminated outer appearance from an aesthetic standpoint.

The front surface of the teeth produced with a thickness of 0,10 mm to 0.3 to one that provides a wonderful aesthetic appearance with special ultra-thin porcelain veneers a porcelain leaf other name. The other names are laminated, dental veneer, leaf porcelain. Special thin porcelain is bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth and then the teeth are changed in width, length, shape and color.

It can be applied to the teeth that have been punctured, broken, worn, gaps between them, and to the teeth that have changed color, as well as to people who want to have an aesthetic smile.

How can I get laminated teeth?
First of all, you have to come to our clinic and examine your teeth and your doctor should decide if it is suitable for the treatment of gum disease.

You will then receive information about your panoramic X-ray and the appropriate treatment period. Your dentist will perform local anesthesia and will wear your teeth to apply lamina 0.5 mm. Then it takes measure and sends it to the dentist. Your laminated teeth from the dentist are secured with special adhesives. 7-10 days later, you are called for control.

Does laminate teeth fall?
Laminated teeth are very sensitive. After the application of laminated tooth, you can use it comfortably for life after trying to break any hard object with your teeth.

Pink Aesthetic

For a Beautiful smile, the white and proper ordering of the teeth is not always enough. The harmony of Gums is also extremely important. The health of the gums we understand From Harmony is the color and the level of the teeth. For a Nice smile, your teeth need to be in harmony with your gum and lips.

If the gums appear too much during the Smile, the gums are cut and shaped with the help of laser. If there are level differences in the Teeth sizes, they are balanced among themselves. The Teeth are less visible and the length of the crowns is extended by intervening in the gums. In Some cases, their growth is seen.

We call Gingivoplasty to remove Excess gum tissue. Pink is one of the methods applied for aesthetics. If the Gum smile is too much (gumy smile) can not be solved surgically, then Botox method is a preferred reason. It can also be used in the Aesthetic area of Botox gums. With Botox applied to 2 points below the nostrils above the Upper lip, the excess appearance of gums is prevented by providing a little more drop of the lip..

Teeth Whitening | Bleaching

The tooth whitening (bleaching) is a method applied to whiten teeth which have changed colour with factors such as some drugs, tartar, tea, coffee and cigarette etc. for a few tones. Different colourings require different treatments. By this reason, it would be better to decide with you dentist on what kind of a treatment should be applied and to consult with your doctor before using bleaching products sold in the market.


In-office type is the type of bleaching performed with special whitening agents at the circumstances of a clinic, lasting approximately 1 hour. At the end of the procedure, the result is noticeable.